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For Homeowners Under Their First 12 Months of Occupancy

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As outlined in your warranty manual, ProHome provides two warranty term walks during the first 12 months of warranty. Our 30 day walk should be processed between 30 and 60 days of occupancy and your 11 month warranty walk must be initiated prior to your 12th month of occupancy.


To start the process, please contact Nicole at (248)449-1100 extension 103 or email her at and we will send you an email to start the warranty walk process.

For either warranty walk, start by making a list of warranty items to provide a count to our scheduling department. We will then initiate your login request and send you an email with your user name and password.

Our process is very simple if you follow the outline on the email sent to your by our Scheduling department. To help make this as simple as possible, please take the 8 minutes to watch the following 4 instructional Videos for procedures on the 30 Day or 11 Month Walkthroughs.

ProHome System Videos

Video 1

Please view all four videos prior to

processing your warrantable claims.

Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

Helpful Hints on Entering your Warranty Claims

  • Refer to the email from our Scheduling department for items that are not processed during your 30 day walk and held until your 11 month walk.

  • Make a list of all items you have to be inspected

  • Group items together prior to giving the Scheduling department your number of claims to process. 

Example of items that should be combined to one item:

"I have 7 nail pops or drywall issues in 4 different rooms" 

"I have 3 doors that do not latch"

"I have 2 exterior concrete cracks"

  • Verify your items in the ProHome Warranty Book to ensure they are valid warranty items and not home maintenance items and note the claim number.

  • Contact our Scheduling department and provide an approximate number of claims.

  • Our Scheduling department will initiate your user ID and send you an email providing a user name and password.

  • Enter your warranty requests into the ProHome online system.

What to Expect after your Claims are Entered

  • Once you have completed your entries, our Scheduling department will contact you to schedule an appointment with a ProHome representative to inspect, document, and gather all information needed.

  • Our ProHome representative will set the expatiation on why or why not an item would be covered under the builders warranty. All determinations are made based on the guidelines in the warranty manual.

  • Our representative will then meet with your builder for direction on the proper contractor to make the repairs for valid warranty claims.

  • As soon as your representative in our office receives your report back which should be within 5 working days, a call will be made to you to set up a scheduled work day for all repairs to be completed.

  • This appointment is set 10 working days in advance and during an open window of 8-12 or 12-4. This window will allow all of the builders contractors to adjust their schedule so we can get all repairs made during this scheduled window.

  • Work orders are then sent to each contractor and a reminder work order is sent 3 working days prior to ensure appointments are not missed.

  • If a contractor fails to show up within 2 hours of their 4 hour window, Please call your ProHome representative for assistance.

  • A follow up call will be made by our office to you to confirm the completion of each work order scheduled. If we are not able to make contact with you, we will leave you a voice mail. If the work item is not complete, please contact your ProHome representative as soon as possible to address and reschedule as needed.

Frequently asked questions from Homeowners about home builders that use 3rd Party New Home Warranty Management service like ProHome.

  1. Who is ProHome?

    1. ProHome is a 30+ year veteran of warranty management for new home Builders that services thousands of Homeowners yearly in over 100 markets nationally.

  2. Does my Builder transfer the warranty responsibility to ProHome?

    1. No. Your Builder remains 100% responsible for your home during the warranty period.

  3. Does ProHome use different Subcontractors when scheduling warranty repairs?

    1. No. ProHome always uses the original Contractors on behalf of the Builder to perform all warranty service work.

  4. Does the Homeowner have access to all warranty history via the Internet?

    1. Yes. All Homeowners have 24/7 Internet access.

  5. Is ProHome a local company or are we calling some mass call center.

    1. Our Homeowners are assigned to an individual service representative in their market area. This gives Homeowners the confidence in knowing they always have a person they can call by name as they schedule and track their warranty items to completion.

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