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​ProHome Michigan, 30773, Suite 351, New Hudson, MI 48165, Tel: (248)449-1100
Bill Widmyer

Bill Widmyer


Brandon Widmyer

ProHome Michigan is owned and managed by Bill Widmyer & Brandon Widmyer and both of us are committed to continual process improvement to enhance the experience of our homeowners. Whether you are a homeowner under your builders warranty period that we manage, a homeowner under our Home Maintenance Program, or a potential homeowner for either program, please feel that the entire ProHome team is committed to providing the best service possible.


We have dedicated this page to receive your input. As owners, what happens throughout our office or in the field is important to the both of us that our standards and processes are followed to our standards.


If you have had a great or not so great experience with a member of our staff at any time, we highly request your input and know that it will be emailed directly to the both of us. Our staff strives to follow our process and in most cases are restricted from varying without management approval.


Thank You,

Bill & Brandon




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